About Nepal

Nepal is located in South Asia between China & India. It covers 147,181 square kilometers area. It has exotic floras and fauna as well as interesting human settlements and cultures with 36 different ethnic groups.
Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world is located in Nepal where, tourists in large number visit to climb and see the Himalayan ranges, its natural beauty and historical sites. Agriculture is the main occupation of Nepalese people. Some peoples are assigned to cottage industries and tourism also. The facilities of Jungle Safari, Rafting, Trekking and Sightseeing is abundantly available for the tourist.


map of nepal

Nepal's Short Biography

Capital: Kathmandu

Area: 1,47,181 Square Kilometers

Population:  About 30 Million

Climate: Tropical, Sub-Tropical, and Cold

Political System: Multiparty Democracy

National Language: Nepali

Religion: Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim.

History of Nepalese manpower going for overseas employment dates back to early 19th century. Nepalese are most pronounced names in the history of bravery and honesty. Almost 200 years down the road, things have changed. Nepalese going abroad does is not limited only to Indian and British Army. More than a million Nepalese work around World except Indian as migrant workers. Almost 75 percent of them work in the Middle East countries.
Nepalese manpower earned good reputation to British Army by their honest, good discipline and bravery and are famous by "Gurkhas" of Nepal.


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