Are You Recruting ?

General Procedure

The terms and conditions are based on the Foreign Employment Act of Nepal. They mainly focus for benefit and rights of the migrant workers.
Final Interview of the selected workers would be carried out within 10 days after receiving the original documents (Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, Guarantee Letter, Employment Contract and Service agreement between Company and our agency).    
Arrangement for deployment of worker would be made within 10 days after we receive visa copy except if the visa is not necessary to endorse in the passport. If the visa endorsement is required it will take at least 45 days.
Free replacement would be made with new workers if any worker is found unqualified for the assigned work within 90 days after he assumes the job.
The company in contract should clearly mention the salary of a worker and other facilities .
As per the Nepalese government's directives, the employer company should offer following facilities to the workers in written contract.

-> Salary
-> Accommodation
-> Food
-> Transportation
-> Medical facilities
-> Insurance of worker
-> 8 hours per day
-> Six-days a week
-> 15 days leave in a year
-> Residence Permit
-> Over time (O.T.) if worked more than 8 hours a day
-> The contract letter should clearly state the company's rules regarding the above facilities.

Document Required

Requirement of documents vary from country to country. Documents requirements also depend on whether the embassy of manpower importing has a diplomatic mission in Nepal or not. Basically, we demand two types of documents before making a final deal for sending workers overseas. We follow the in-detail government provisions to avoid unnecessary hassles to the workers.

A. For Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
A. In case of Block visa issued, the company should prepare all below mentioned principle documents authorized to Yeti Overseas Pvt. Ltd. License no 120/055/056, which is recognized Nepalese agent by the embassy of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Principle Documents:
1. Demand Letter: Demand letter should be addressed to Yeti Overseas Pvt. Ltd. License no 120/055/056. The letter should have details of the number of workers, nature of job with required category, salary, duty hours, food and accommodation facilities, overtime, transport, insurance of workers, visa & ticket information, Residence permit and other benefits.
2. Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney is a legal confirmation, on behalf of employer, for selection of manpower.  This authorizes Yeti Overseas Pvt. Ltd. License no 120/055/056 for sending workers legally.
3. Employment Contract: The employing company provide the employee employment agreement as per demand letter.
4. Service Agreement: Employing Company should provide us service agreement between company and recruitment agency in Nepal.
5. Guarantee Letter: The employing company should not transfer any workers to another country without approval of competent Nepal Government authorities. 
6. Electronic Authorization  Letter: The employing company has to write a letter according to visa approval slip to the Electronic Authorization Office or Embassy for visa endorsement of the workers. 
7. Visa Slip (Copy): The original visa slip is required in case of Block Visa. However, the photocopies of Block Visa are acceptable in case of multiple Block visa.
8.  Company Registration (C. R.) /one photocopy only.
Above documents from 1 to 5 should be signed by company's authorized person, bear Company Seal and documents 1 & 2 should be attested from Chamber of Commerce or Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the respective country. 
B. In case of Block Visa issued, the employing company should prepare all required documents in the name of Yeti Overseas Pvt. Ltd. 
We do not prefer these places for visa endorsement because we have to rely on Indian agencies and they have the problem of not endorsing passport on time.
Documents from 1 to 5 should be same as above.
But the following documents should be in the name of associate office recommended by Yeti Overseas Pvt. Ltd. 
Electronic Authorization Letter
CR Copy (Company Registration Copy)
Visa Approval Slip 
B. For Other Countries:
The documents mentioned above 1 to 5 should be signed by company authorized person and bear company seal. The documents 1 and 2 must be duly sealed and attested by Chamber of Commerce or Nepalese Embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the respective country. To see the list of Recognized Destination Click here

Selection Process

We employ three interview techniques for the selection of short listed candidates.
1. Direct : many employers visit Nepal for final interview. We make all necessary preparations for interview We call shortlisted candidates for the particular day. We have fully equipped sometime if space is not enough we take interview in 5 star hotels rooms and other modern facilities-computers, telephones, internet, and all that an interviewer might need.
2. On behalf of employer : sometimes manpower importing agencies give fully authority to manpower consultant for entire-selection procedures. In such case, we carry out interviews on behalf of employers abroad and make all dispatching arrangement to the employment destination.
3. Trade Test for skilled workers.
We form a selection committee before making a final decision for appointment. The selection committee includes representatives from different departments in the company. The selection committee carries out skill test of all skilled manpower in the concerned discipline. Only those persons recommended by the selection committee are selected for overseas employment.
We use different techniques to know the discipline level of each and every worker so as to avoid possible risks from the workers abroad. We examine the workers morality, attitude, behavior and personal history. Team of our experts including a psychiatrist carries out these tests.
Medical Check-up
Candidates have to go through different processes after final selection. This is aimed at selecting competent, disciplined and healthy manpower desired by an employer. Medical check-up too is none important process. We recommend all short-listed candidates for medical examinations in the government approved hospitals or labs. Only medically if fit candidates are eligible to sign an agreement or contract paper. We disqualify medically unfit candidates we personally ask selected candidates to know whether anyone in suffering epileptic fit, which can not be tested medically. If one is found suffering from the fit, we do not qualify such person.
Visa Endorsement
The visa endorsement process differs country to country. We dispatch all the documents relating the workers to the company to decide its employee first. After the employing company confirms and sends the Visa confirmation and copy/original Visa, only then we apply in the concerned embassy or consular office for visa endorsement. Other processes move ahead after the visa is endorsed by the embassy.


We provide free counseling service, right and up to date information to the job seeker. All the information provided by our competent and experienced counselor is Genuine, having right Guidance and support for the job seekers.


We have skillful and experienced trainer who provide training in short period of time. It brings skills in the person to get the job according to their interest. These training will be beneficial to get better placement with higher salary.

Job Placement

Our job placement is based on the philosophy of "Right Person at Right Time at Right Place". Our job provider companies are genuine and they provide better salary to the employee depending upon their experience and knowledge.